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African Picture [geography, history and society]
ANSA [news]
Artothek [art]
Bildarchiv Monheim [architecture]
Bridgeman Art Library [art]
De Agostini Picture Library [geography, art and history]
Granger [art, people and world history]
Iberfoto/ Salmer – Photoaisa [art, landscape and cinema]
Imagno [art and history]
Interfoto [cinema, landscape and history]
Mary Evans Picture Library [illustrations, history and cinema]
National Maritime Museum [art and history]
Osservatore Romano [Photographic Service of the Holy Father]
Réunion des Musées Nationaux [art]
Ria Novosti [history, news and show]
Roger - Viollet [history and società]
Shaw Family Archives [cinema and società]
TopFoto [news, history, society and show]
Ullstein bild [cinema, history and society]
Universal Images Group [geography, art and history]
Alinari news
  • Folco Quilici Adventure and discovery. Writer and documentary director for cinema and television

  • History, society, politics, customs and personality of the famous Parisian agency Roger-Viollet

  • The Alinari Archives preparing for EXPO Milano 2015: "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" A story in pictures

  • THE WALLS - THE STORY Religion, politics, culture, society and art in front of us!